Bonbanhmi Xin chào !

The National Geographic has ranked Vietnamese banh mi as one of the most 15 delicious sandwich of the world.

According to Richard Johnson, author of the book "Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food", Vietnamese Sandwich is the best street food in the world.

The 70 year history of Vietnamese bread has created a unique combination between baguette and traditional food into tasty and nutritious dish. Ingredient selecting would be the first part with the highest requirement for freshness. They are all provided from reliable suppliers with the strictly process of hygiene and quality control.

Bonbanhmi will definitely be the most perfect bread from Vietnam. Actually, Bonbanhmi is pleased to bring you a delicious healthy meal, it also is super fast meal for the hustle pace of modern life.

Biting a very crisp of Bonbanhmi, you are just like enjoying the best fine cuisine and the top of taste balancing skill in Vietnamese Sandwich.